The dangers of space debris

Space exploration has brought great discoveries and also some problems. Among the latter are the debris left on the Earth’s exterior, which could soon get out of control. This collection of debris could soon get out of control. What are the dangers posed by space debris?

what are the dangers of space debris?
what are the dangers of space debris?

Where it comes from

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) warns. By the end of the century, the probability of these debris colliding with satellites will exceed 15%.

what is space debris? “Those man-made objects that orbit in space and have no use whatsoever. Obsolete satellites, rocket parts, liquid fuels”, distinguished the UNAM. Gustavo Medina Tanco is in charge of the laboratory.

He points out that there are currently about 3,500 satellites in orbit. Those that have finished their useful life take a long time to leave orbit. They could even be around the Earth for millions of years.

“And they are only a small part of what is considered space junk. When you put a satellite into orbit there are a number of things you need, like a rocket to launch it. That’s when you start putting pieces together. All of that is left in space if measures were not taken to eliminate it quickly,” he said.

Space debris caused damage to the ISS, for example.
Space junk caused damage to the ISS, for example.

Collisions with satellites

In a worst-case scenario, this debris could crash into manned spacecraft. They could collide with functioning satellites, leading to malfunctions and new space debris. These objects travel at eight kilometers per second.

The dangers generated by space debris are diverse. “The internet, telecommunications, GPS, military security services. That and much more depend daily on a satellite for its proper functioning. Space debris increases the chances of malfunctions,” UNAM stressed.

The specialist indicated that, currently, the probability of this type of impact is less than 1%. However, it could increase to 5% in the next 20 years and up to 20% by the year 2099.

“Economically it is going to be impossible to do any activity,” he predicted.

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