The deepest lake in the world

How deep is it? Nothing less than 1,642 meters, making it the deepest lake in the world. Thanks to its size, this reservoir holds 23 cubic kilometers of fresh water. This is equivalent to 20% of the world’s reserves.

The lake basin was formed due to tectonic processes. Baikal is the oldest lake on the planet (an age of approximately 25 million years). Every year, the shores of Lake Baikal grow by 2 centimeters. In hundreds of thousands of years the lake has quite a real chance of turning into an ocean.

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world.
Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world.

Magic seasons

The huge bodies of water contained in Lake Baikal have a special effect on the coastal climate. Unusual microclimatic conditions are formed, with warm winters and cold summers. The lake’s water masses act as a huge natural stabilizer. In summer, the air temperature can reach +35 °С.

In winter, the waters of Baikal are covered with incredibly clear and smooth ice. Because of the low evaporation of the lake, clouds very rarely form here. Due to its low mineralization, the water of the lake stands out for its amazing purity and transparency. It is visible at a depth of 40 meters. One of the amazing mysteries of Lake Baikal is the appearance, during the winter, of huge dark rings in the ice, visible from above. They are probably formed as a result of the release of methane from the depths of the lake.

The deepest lake in the world is magnificent in all seasons of the year. In winter it will fascinate those who want to contemplate the beauty of the famous Baikal ice. The best time to visit is from January to April. This is the time for skating on Baikal, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing or bathing in hot springs.

In the winter, it becomes a magical skating spot.
In the winter, it becomes a magical place to skate.

Warm water

In summer, the high season starts at the end of June and lasts until August because the lake water is heated up to 20 degrees. It is possible to safely combine sunbathing with recreational activities. During the summer season, tourists and locals organize hikes, book excursions, go camping, fishing and ATV riding. Do you have plans for this vacation? If not, maybe you can get to know the deepest lake in the world.

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