The deepest shipwreck in the world

It happened in 1944. It is about the sinking of the American destroyer USS Johnston. The context: World War II. It currently lies at the bottom of the Philippine Sea, more than 6,400 feet deep. A team of researchers managed to take sharp images of the wreckage of the military ship. It is the deepest shipwreck in the world.

This is the picture of the deepest shipwreck in the world.
This is the picture of the deepest shipwreck in the world.
Amazing pictures

The researchers are working with a private company, Caladan Oceanic. They used a DSV limiting factor, a diving device, to examine the wreck site in detail. One was never discovered at this depth. The founder of the company is the former commander of the US Navy Victor Vescovo. He himself steered the submarine and published the shocking pictures of the expedition. The feat lasted several hours and required several dives.

In the publications you can see the almost intact remains of the boat. The towers, the navigating bridge and the hull number 557 are even appreciated.

“The wreck is so deep that there is very little oxygen. While there is some contamination from marine life, the ship is remarkably intact. Apart from the damage it sustained during the fierce battle, ”explains Vescovo, quoted by the BBC.

The powerful destroyer sank in World War II.
The powerful destroyer sank in World War II.
Stories of heroism

The USS Johnston was destroyed on October 25, 1944 during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. It is also known as the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea. In this, the Allies faced the Japanese Empire. Only 141 of the 327 crew members of the American destroyer survived the fierce sea battle. It took several days and hundreds of boats participated. However, investigators were unable to find any human remains or clothing on board the destroyer.

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Director Sam Cox points out that the new images of the USS Johnston help pay tribute to the heroism and sacrifice of the crew. Especially about the performance of Captain Ernest Evans. He was the first Native American to be awarded the Medal of Honor. The deepest shipwreck in the world also contains his memory.

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