The digital professions with the brightest future

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What are the digital professions with the most future? In such a changing environment, the demand for Internet professionals in the coming years will also evolve to adapt to trends and new challenges.

These will be the 10 digital professions with more demand in the future.

In fact, some of the most in-demand digital professions in the coming years are not even studied in universities yet. According to the World Economic Forum, 80% of the most in-demand professions in that decade do not yet exist.

However, all the professions of the future have a common element: they will be developed in the field of the Internet. The demand for jobs in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector is growing at around 7% per year and is expected to continue to do so over the next few years.

Big data, cloud computing and the development of Artificial Intelligence will mark the demand for new workers in the medium term. That is why, according to the Le Wagon technology school, these will be the 10 most in-demand digital professions in the future:

The most in-demand digital professions

-Web Developer: Knowing how to write code is and will continue to be a highly demanded digital skill. Being able to develop software, websites, mobile applications or other digital products will be one of the most demanded professions in the near and medium term future.

-Data analyst: Decision-making, based on the large amount of data generated every day, is key to finding solutions to everyday problems. This is a critical profile for many industries such as finance, health, telecommunications or marketing.

-Data Scientist: Is able to predict problems of the future through data analysis, enabling companies to adapt to changing environments. Identifies trends, concepts, motives, practical connections or correlations between large data sets.

-Data Engineer: Responsible for designing, maintaining and optimizing the infrastructure for data collection, management, access and transformation. With strong programming skills in languages such as Python, Java, Scala and SQL.

-Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst: Responsible for reviewing data to generate financial and market intelligence reports, highlighting trends that may influence company objectives.

More Internet professions that will be in high demand

-Cloud Architect: Responsible for the oversight and development of cloud computing strategy and operability.

-Blockchain Specialist: Specialists in integrating Blockchain technology and moving company processes towards decentralized environments will be more in demand. Thanks to them, companies will become more efficient.

-UX Designer and Product Development: Professionals in user experience and product design and development will be key in industries such as technology, healthcare, financial and retail.

-Digital Marketing: Planning digital marketing campaigns, including web, SEO/SEM, email, social media and advertising, would be critical. Professionals are also responsible for measuring campaign results.

-Cybersecurity Expert: The digitization of all sectors of the economy will increase the need for professionals to design secure systems at the interface of operational technology and information technology.

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