The earth requires an urgent change in energy production

The generation of electrical energy from the combustion of oil and its derivatives has changed the planet’s climate. There is an urgent need to generate energy through clean systems. It is one of the goals of some billionaires as an investment in the future.

Power generation

The planet demands help from its inhabitants. Increasing energy consumption requires a disruptive change in the way energy is generated.

Lack of wind will no longer be a problem

This is the case of Bill Gates, who invested $ 2 billion to use wind energy. Both this energy and solar energy are the cleanest and cheapest systems for generating energy. It is the solution to replace existing and environmentally harmful systems that use fossil fuels.

The problem to be solved is that the energy flow from the generating turbines is not continuous. In other words, the problem lies in the days when there is not enough wind. The energy generated is insufficient to meet the needs of entire cities.

    Wind power is included in the generation of electricity

The solution to this problem lies in the development of storage devices for the generated energy. Investments are required to manufacture these devices. The richest people in the world invest in the development of these containers.

The stores that store energy enable a permanent supply with the reserves. It can take several days without being supplied by the wind turbines.

There are currently companies that have developed accumulators that can do without wind for 150 hours. However, high consumption of entire cities would jeopardize the supply.

Investors from all over the world develop projects together

The business group consists of Bill Gates and other famous billionaires. Jezz Bezos, Jack Ma or Richard Branson are in the group. The investments made aim to achieve the lowest emissions in the generation of renewable energies.

Global climate change is very worrying. This generates projects for the development of clean energy. Topics such as wind energy, sun and their storage are involved.

Power generation like solar

The project also includes:

  • Produce new batteries for electric cars.
  • Reducing emissions in the agro-industry.
  • Develop for the production of low-emission heating and cooling systems.

The high temperatures that some areas of the planet have suffered in recent years are forcing this type of investment. Although this will be a disruptive change, the current systems will coexist in the next few years with new systems that deliver inexpensive and renewable energy.

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