The end of captured dolphins

Many people like to visit water parks. Especially those who have animals in captivity. However, this practice is becoming less and less accepted. Organizations that defend animals and new generations oppose animal cruelty. Now there is an option that could ease the end of trapped dolphins: a very realistic robotic dolphin.

The end of trapped dolphins could be closer thanks to a highly realistic, advanced robot.
The end of trapped dolphins could be closer thanks to a highly realistic, advanced robot.
From the cinema to the aquarium

It’s a robotic dolphin made by animatronics specialists with experience in film and television. It could help end captivity in marine parks for good. The mechanical mammal was designed by Edge Innovations. It’s the company behind the famous series Free Willy. It can tilt its head, swim in aquariums, and come into close contact with people. According to its developers, it is almost identical to a living animal.

What is the difference? This dolphin can offer marine parks a cruelty-free alternative. There are now almost 3,000 captive dolphins worldwide. This innovation could allow animals to return home and still give humans the opportunity to experience marine life. The 250 kg machine is equipped with a skin made of medical silicone. You can swim for up to 10 hours with the battery. The problem now is the cost of the robot, which runs to $ 3 to 5 million: it’s clearly not cheap.

Almost real

The Edge Innovations team trains the robotic marine mammal. They hope that one day he will jump through hoops and do stunts in theme parks. The Californian company is known for its realistic aquatic life, which has been used in films such as Free Willy, Alarm in the deep and anaconda.

“When I saw the dolphin for the first time, I thought it might be real,” confirmed a woman who swam with the remote-controlled robot. The company is now working to bring these wonders to the public. The end of trapped dolphins is now one step closer.

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