The first airport for air taxis

If Jules Verne lived now, he would be happy. Much of what he envisioned for the future is pretty close to reality. But every now and then the future moves even faster. Who would think we will already have the first airport for air taxis? It’s what they’re going to do in the UK. Ready to take off?

The world's first airport for air taxis and drones will be in the UK.
The world’s first airport for air taxis and drones will be in the UK.
Project with Hyundai

The world’s first airport for vertical take-off and landing aircraft is being built in this country. For example air taxis and autonomous delivery drones. It is expected to be the first of more than 200 airfields of this type.

It is a joint project between the UK Government and the Hyundai Motor Group that has been christened Urban Air Port Air-One. He has received a government grant of £ 1.2 million (over $ 1.6 million). Where is it being built? On the outskirts of the British city of Coventry.

The revolutionary airport will be 60% smaller than a traditional helipad. It will have an innovative zero-emission infrastructure that will reduce pollution and decarbonise aviation. What more do you want


“It offers an integrated approach to decarbonising cities. It is designed to support all vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. It also complements other sustainable modes of transport. For example for electric vehicles, buses or Scooter“Explained the company.

“Cars need roads, trains need railways, planes need airports. So vertical take-off and landing planes need urban airports. ‘That said Ricky Sandhu, founder of Urban Air Port.

Pamela Cohn from Hyundai’s Urban Air Mobility Division said. He explained that the airfield should help build a robust infrastructure network. The first air taxi airport will be accessible and intermodal for future mobility. So … adjust your belts.

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