The first image of the omicron strain

When will the pandemic problem end? Just when we thought it was about to end, something new happens. This time, mutations complicate the picture. One in particular is causing a lot of headaches. That’s why it’s being studied in detail. So, we now have the first image of the omicron strain. The new danger.

The first picture of the omicron strain is this.
The first image of the omicron strain is this.

Laboratory reconstruction

Italian scientists unveiled the world’s first “image” of the new strain of coronavirus. It is the so-called omicron. He prepared the diagram of the Bambino Gesù (Infant Jesus) hospital in Rome and the Vatican.

“It is a ‘photo’ in the broad sense. It is a reconstruction made in a laboratory,” explained a spokesman for the medical institution.

The image shows the proteins of the two strains. It shows with the most altered regions marked in red. The delta strain had 18 mutated amino acid residues. But the new variant has 43.

“It is clear that the omicron variant has many more mutations than the delta variant. The delta variant was already very diverse in itself. They are mainly concentrated in the region of the protein that interacts with human cells”. This is what the experts explained.

The new strain spreads around the world.
The new strain spreads around the world.

Latent danger

This means that the virus has adapted to the human species. However, whether it has become more dangerous, new research will show.

Earlier, Botswana and South Africa reported the emergence of a new strain of the coronavirus. It contained 32 mutations in the S protein. According to researchers, many of them indicate that this variant is highly transmissible. It is also resistant to vaccines. But it is too early to draw definite conclusions.

The World Health Organization declared B.1.1.529 “of concern.” It named it “omicron” after the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. The first image of the omicron strain is now visible. And its long-term consequences could be significant around the world.

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