The first signed literary work

In the beginning it was “anonymous”. Old authors usually didn’t sign their works. Maybe they are not interested in him Copyright ©. And the vast majority of the authors were men. Then Enheduanna appeared, and that changed. She was a princess and priest, a prolific writer and manager of the first signed literary work in history.

He lived in the 23rd century BC in ancient Mesopotamia. He was a remarkable character. She was not only the author of prose and poems, but also a princess and priestess. It was a hectic time in Mesopotamia. The conquest of Sargon the Great led to the development of the first great empire. The city of Acadia became the first major urban center. There appeared Enheduanna, the daughter of Sargón.

The first signed literary work belongs to Enheduanna, who wrote about important religious myths.
The first signed literary work belongs to Enheduanna, who wrote about important religious myths of Mesopotamia.
Successful writer

She was the chief priestess of the moon god Nanna Suen in her temple in Ur. She wrote many literary works. These include two hymns dedicated to Inanna, the Mesopotamian goddess of love, and the myth of Inanna and Enki, a collection of 42 hymns. It is an integral part of the rich literary history of ancient Mesopotamia.

Why do we say that he wrote the first signed literary work? Well, because this practice wasn’t common. Still, it’s pretty much unknown to history. His writings are deeply personal and contain numerous biographical data. Enheduanna’s work, known as the Temple Hymns, concludes with a statement about its originality:

“The compiler for the tablets was En-hedu-ana. My King, something was created that no one had ever done before. “

From Mesopotamia to Mars

Enheduanna not only claimed the authorship of the work, but also commented on the difficulties of the creative process. Yes: Block the blank page.

He describes the long hours that he spent working on his compositions at night. His poetry has a reflective quality. And it’s about the skills needed for written compositions. Descriptions of star measurements and movements are considered the first scientific observations of the sky.

The Enheduanna disc, an archaeological gem.
The Enheduanna disc, an archaeological gem.

In 2015, a crater on Mars was named after him. Enheduanna’s works were written in cuneiform, an ancient written form that used clay tablets. However, only copies from around 1800 BC were preserved. Chr. Were made.

Men rode horses 3600 years ago

Archaeologists discovered records of this author’s life. These include cylindrical seals and an alabaster relief dedicated to them. Enheduanna’s disc was discovered in 1927 by the British archaeologist Charles Leonard Woolley.

The scene shows the priestess at her workplace. Together with three male assistants, she makes a liquid victim that is poured out of a glass. Enheduanna is in the center of the picture. The picture on the disc emphasizes the social and religious status of the priestess.

His life in the books

Enheduanna’s poems contain autobiographical elements. As a description of his fight against a usurper of his office, Lugalanne. Describe his attempts to remove her from her role in the temple. The poet’s requests to the moon goddess did not get the desired answer. She then sought the help of Inanna, who is praised for having restored her post.

These are some tablets that contain hymns.
These are some tablets that contain hymns.

In the myth known as Inanna and Enki, the goddess Inanna contradicts an arrogant mountain, Enki. The mountain offends the goddess by standing higher than the deity and refusing to bow in awe. Inanna then goes to her father, the god Anu. He advises her to give up, but she destroys the mountain.

The myth contains parallels to the conflict described in Enheduanna’s poems.

She was an extraordinary woman. With great creativity and passionate devotion and praise to the gods of love. His legacy spanned 4,000 years. Isn’t it fascinating?

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