The first space hotel will become a reality in 2027

The Gateway Foundation is the sponsor of a project that looks like something out of a science fiction movie. It promises to have the first space hotel in operation by 2027. The promise is to be able to sail through space aboard a five-star hotel. The hotel will be shaped like a wheel with two rings inside and out. Its diameter will be 190 meters and it will consist of 24 housing modules and various uses.

First Space Hotel
Imagen Tomada de National Geographic Photo: Getaway Foundation 2019

The idea and planning of the Californian company was born in 2019. However, from that moment until today, the proposal has undergone several changes, including the start date. Originally it was in 2025, but today we know it will be in 2027.

Properties that the first space hotel will have

The main feature of this luxury hotel is that it orbits in the stratosphere and has only one sixth the gravity of the earth. The name is Voyager Station and different options are offered that allow you to stay for a week, a month, or permanently. The Space Hotel can accommodate 400 people, 100 of whom are permanent employees.

The visitor can choose a 500 square meter villa that offers all the comforts to accommodate groups of up to 16 people. There will also be 30 square meter suites available that offer the necessary comfort for two people.

The design includes shared areas, which are top-quality dining areas, as well as a three-tier bar with a water fountain that goes against the fundamentals of physics. Various recreational areas are also being added. There will also be sectors that governments will rent to scientists and researchers.

Technically, the design offers the best comfort in space

The hotel will have a water recycling system that will supply the bathrooms and kitchens. It will also contain an artificial gravity system that will allow its visitors to have the same resources as they would on Earth. The artificial gravity system is based on the permanently rotating station. In this way the objects are pushed towards their perimeter. It will thus be able to simulate one sixth of the Earth’s gravity.

It is expected to be built on Earth, but assembly will be done in space using robots and drones. The two rings that make it up each fulfill their function. The internal one will be the landing place of the ships for the descent of passengers and the unloading of supplies. The exterior is the backbone of the first space hotel.

Rings of the first space hotel
Image from Infobae-The station will have artificial gravity to ensure guests have a comfortable and healthy stay

It has not yet been officially announced how much it could cost to enjoy a vacation at Vogaye Station, but rumors have it that it could cost as much as a cruise ship or Disney hotel. How about? Do you dare to plan your future vacation in space?

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