The first victim of a shark

It’s a milestone, although the man who starred in it couldn’t celebrate it. This is a shark’s first victim. His remains were found by a group of British scientists. It happened in the Seto Inland Sea, in the Japanese archipelago. His skeleton has nearly 800 wounds.

The first shark victim had 790 wounds.
The first shark victim had 790 wounds.
Mysterious murder

The remains were first excavated in the early 20th century. It was at the Tsukumo archaeological site. No explanation was found for the injuries of the man who was classified as Tsukumo No. 24.

The bones were later rediscovered. It was carried out by British archaeologists J. Alyssa White and Rick Schulting from Oxford University. They investigated violence in prehistoric Japan.

«We were confused. There were at least 790 deep wounds. He was in a community cemetery, the Tsukumo Cemetery “, they have declared the scientists. The injuries were mainly limited to the arms, legs and front.

They excluded human conflict. The jagged markings did not correspond to the weapons available at the time. The lesions on the man’s bones were sharp and curved. The person was missing the left hand and right leg. His left leg was in an inverted position on his body when he was buried.

The attack must have been violent and the death quick.
The attack must have been violent and the death quick.

Shark encounters are rarely recorded by archaeologists. Nor did the wounds appear to have been caused by a predator or scavenger. Finally, they turned to marine biologist George Burgess.

“Given the injuries, he was clearly the victim of a shark attack,” concluded White and Schulting.

Hunted fisherman

The man was probably fishing when he met his killer. It is likely that his death was caused by a tiger shark or a great white shark. According to the analysis, the man was young or middle-aged. And he lived between 1370 and 1010 BC.

It would have died quickly, the scientists suspect. His main arteries were severed, suggesting that he might have passed out within minutes. Research offers a rare glimpse into the lifestyle risks of a hunter or gatherer.

Humans share a long history with sharks. In this case, people were on the menu, ”they concluded. The story of the first shark victim was published in Journal of archaeological science reports.

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