The fish with human teeth

He has a strange smile. Sure, if I could smile. This is a strange fish. And some fishermen from North Carolina (USA) caught it. Why is? From the fish that have human teeth.

The fish with human teeth has a peculiar smile.
The fish with human teeth has a peculiar smile.
Strong teeth

It is an unusual appearance. It’s about Archosargus probatocephalus. It is also known as the sheep’s head fish. This species is famous for having very human-like teeth. And this feature makes it look like a mythological animal. There is nothing mythical about this, however. It’s a very real animal.

In the United States, it is also known as the convict fish. Why? For the dark stripes that run through his gray body, like the uniforms of prisoners. This animal can be found along the Atlantic coast. Travel from New York to Brazil. Even a bay in Brooklyn was named in his honor: Sheepshead Bay.

It becomes 91 centimeters long. Why do you have these teeth The secret is your diet. Oysters, clams, crustaceans and some other vegetable matter. Like humans, it has a series of crouches to cut up meals.

This is another view of the showy fish.
This is another view of the showy fish.
Tooth similarities

Adults develop three rows of molars in the upper jaw and two rows in the lower jaw. So they go through the shells of their prey. This, according to Scientific American. The incisors of the fish are even coated with enamel.

All of your teeth will gradually develop over the course of your life. Go from a soft animal diet to a seafood menu.

Despite these unusual teeth, the fish with human teeth is not a threat. “I would not hesitate to swim in waters inhabited by these fish. They pose no threat to humans. Because they are easy to eat, fishermen look for sheep’s heads. They could bite when picked up. Or sting with the sharp spines of the dorsal fin », he showed David Catania. He is the ichthyology collections manager for the California Academy of Sciences.

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