The five most expensive NFTs ever sold

NFTs (non-fungible tokens or non-fungible tokens) have come to the fore this year. For some, the NFTs are the evolution of digital art; for others, who appear to be the majority, no longer the 2.0 brand scam and uselessness.

NFTs, a new form of digital art based on blockchain technology, have achieved superlatives in auction houses and we are showing you the five most expensive ones

Why this strong polarization? Because NFTs are nothing more than digital files of any kind that are sold under the premise of being unique and having an owner with first and last name registered on the blockchain network.

It might sound confusing as a photo, video, or any type of digital media can be reproduced indefinitely, but we’re going to tell you more about NFTs in this video:

However, one of the reasons for more controversy surrounding NFTs, whether or not it makes sense, is the price at which some of them were sold for months.

Here is a list of the five most expensive NFTs sold to date:

1-Everyday life-The first 5000 days, Beeple: Beeple is the most prolific NFT artist out there, and in fact the top three spots on the list belong to him. This digital artist (real name Mike Winkelmann and 40 years old) has the undisputed record of selling NFT for big bucks.

His work Everydays – The First 5000 Days was sold at Christie’s and is a kind of collage of 21,069 × 21,069 pixels. The price? Total and absolutely ridiculous $ 69 million.

2-crossing, Beeple: The Crossroads buyer, also from Beeple, wasn’t sure what he was going to buy. This NFT was auctioned during the 2020 US presidential election. Depending on the result, the auction would offer one of the two possible works. Ultimately, Trump’s defeat prompted Beeple to quit his job showing the former president dejected and covered in graffiti. It sold for $ 6.6 million.

3 ocean front, Beeple: This NFT was sold shortly after Everydays and was bought by one of the people who lost the auction for this NFT. Ocean Front points out the dangers of climate change, and while open to personal interpretation, Beeple announced that the money from the work, which was sold for $ 6 million, will be donated to the Open Earth Foundation.

4-Stay Free Edward Snowden: This NFT was created by Edward Snowden, the former NSA and CIA employee who leaked top-secret documents to the public about, among other things, the mass surveillance projects carried out by these intelligence agencies.

The work consists of the legal documents that confirmed that the NSA had indeed broken the law with its surveillance projects. and where you can see Snowden’s face. It sold for $ 5.4 million that went to the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

5 replicator, Mas Dog Jones: This work by Michah Dowbak, a Canadian artist known by the pen name Mad Dog Jones, is quite unique. This NFT is not just the image seen, it produces a new NFT every 28 days, meaning the buyer who bought it for $ 4.1 million could end up with between 180 and 220 additional NFTs.

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