The flints; ‘The Flintstones. Funny and memorable cavemen who lived to be 60 years old

Few cartoons have been as successful with adults and children as The Flintstones or The Flintstones. On September 30, 1960, it was first broadcast on the ABC network. The story tells the adventures of two families in the age of the dinosaurs and turned their young 60 years.

The flints;

The Flintstones were cartoons designed for adults

A comedy that was supposed to air during adult hours but eventually hit the heart of every home. It was about the adventures of a middle-class family who lived in the city of Piedradura in the Stone Age.

Pedro and Vilma were the main couple and their neighbors and friends were Pablo and Betty Mármol. The series was recorded between 1960 and 1966, with a total of 166 chapters that eventually became a famous production, divided into six seasons.

An animated series that was shown for adults and was not the most common at a time when children are sleeping. It was even a pioneer for that type of audience. “The Flintstones” dealt with adult subjects that weren’t featured in other shows of the time.

In the series, Pedro is addicted to gambling, Pablo’s suicidal tendencies, or Vilmas and Betty’s addiction to compulsive shopping. Another problem with the series is that Pablo and Betty struggled to have a child. A taboo that was not discussed publicly at the time. For this reason, the issue of the adoption of Bam Bam by Pablo and Betty Mármol, an orphan, is raised. Showing a married couple in their bedroom bed for the first time was also a pioneer.

In prehistoric times, but with futuristic details

However, at the time they had very advanced technology such as the famous Troncomóvil, which was powered by the inmates’ feet. They also had animals that performed the function of some household appliances. The kids loved the dinosaur mascot. It was a dinosaur that was the closest thing to a dog.

The flints - Troncomóvil
Troncomovil – By Dennis Jarvis from Halifax, Canada – DSC_0999, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Vilma Flintstone had an animal that polished the floor like a modern polisher. Another who chopped vegetables like a food processor. It was also the pioneering series that featured luxury guests. Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Alfred Hitchcock, and Tony Curtis among many others. They appeared as an animated character in the series.

Know a bit more about its creators Hanna and Barbera

It was the brainchild of Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera that had precedents in animation. They worked together at Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) since 1937. They did several projects together like Droopy, Puss Gets the Boot, until they were consecrated with Tom and Jerry. The famous cat and mouse duo was a great success. So much so that the following 17 years were devoted to these characters with a total of 114 chapters.

In 1957, MGM decided to close its animation department. Hanna and Barbera founded Hanna and Barbera Productions whose first job was the Huckleberry Hound Show, which was a success. After visiting many television studios, they convinced ABC to shoot what was originally called “The Flagstones”. Very soon they became the unforgettable series of “The Flintstones” or in Spanish “Los Picapiedra”.

The flint figures

They were so memorable that statues of the characters were made in different cities around the world. There is also a park that is currently deserted and is set in the series, with houses, animals and different versions of the Troncomóvil. Also, the film was shot in Hollywood and the characters’ toys are still valid today.

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