The future of the planet, according to experts

We all know the planet is in danger. Deforestation, global warming, pollution … what do the specialists say? How will the earth be in this approach in a short time? According to experts, this is the future of the planet.

The future of the planet, according to experts, is something that should alarm us all.
The future of the planet, according to experts, is something that should alarm us all.
Summary of the scientific point of view

A group of experts from institutions such as the Universities of California in Los Angeles, Stanford and Flinders analyzed this. The warning is the result of a review of more than 150 scientific articles on environmental issues. The abstract bears the title Underestimating the challenges of avoiding a terrible future. It was published in the magazine this week Limits in Conservation Science.

Corey Bradshaw is the lead author of the article. Explain that they are trying to shed some light on the gravity of the current situation on the planet. “The heads of state and government of the world need a ‘cold shower’ for the state of our environment. Both planning and acting to avoid a dire future.

“Humanity is causing a rapid loss of biodiversity. With this the earth loses its ability to support complex life. The problem is exacerbated by ignorance and short-term self-interest. For the pursuit of wealth and political interests that hinder vital action.

Paul Ehrlich is a professor at Stanford University. It is claimed that no political or economic system is ready to deal with predicted disasters. “Stopping the loss of biodiversity is by no means a top priority for a country. It lags far behind other concerns like employment, health care, economic growth, or currency stability. “

People are destroying our own planet.
People are destroying our own planet.
Ecological pyramid fraud

“Humanity operates a fraudulent pyramid scheme on an ecological level. Society “steals” from nature and future generations to pay for short-term economic improvement today, “he says.” It is doubtful that the scale of the changes we need will be made in a timely manner, “notes the co-author .

Dan Blumstein, professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, speaks in the same words. Rather, it focuses on the role of the scientist. You choose to speak boldly and fearlessly because life literally depends on it. What we say may not be popular. And it is terrifying indeed. But we have to be sincere, precise and honest if humanity is to understand the enormous scale of the challenges, “he says.

“The growth and consumption of the human population continues to increase. We continue to focus on growing human enterprise without implementing solutions to critical problems such as biodiversity loss. If we fully understand the effects of ecological decline, it will be too late. What follows is a disaster, ”concludes Blumstein.

According to experts, the future of the planet is bleak and terrible. Why are we so reluctant to hear their voices?

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