The giant rock carvings of the Orinoco

They were found by an international team of archaeologists. It is a series of old South American engravings. They constitute the largest prehistoric rock art in the world. The giant rock carvings of the Orinoco are a monumental find.

The engravings are carved into rock walls along the Upper and Middle Orinoco River in Venezuela and Colombia. They feature a variety of images including depictions of giant snakes, human figures, and giant Amazon centipedes. His discovery is published in the journal Antiquity.

The giant rock carvings of the Orinoco exhibit numerous snakes.
The giant rock carvings of the Orinoco exhibit numerous snakes.

giant prints

Some of the engravings are dozens of meters long. The largest is more than 40 meters long. They are believed to have been used to mark the locations of prehistoric indigenous tribes. It is the largest rock carving recorded anywhere in the world. Some of the sites were already known. But many more were found.

They were created about 2,000 years ago. The largest engravings are of snakes. They played an important role in the myths and beliefs of the local indigenous population.

The lead author is Dr Phil Riris from Bournemouth University. He said in a statement: “These monumental sites are truly large and impressive sites. They were meant to be seen from a distance. They could have been used by prehistoric groups as a way of marking territory. Snakes are often interpreted as a threat. “It would be a sign that these are places where you have to be careful.”

They are made as a warning.
They are made as a warning.


The giant Orinoco rock carvings are along a stretch of the Orinoco River called the Atures Rapids. It was an important prehistoric trade and travel route. We believe the engravings are intended to be viewed specifically from the Orinoco. “Most trips in that era would have been by river.”

The research team concludes that it is vital to protect these monumental rock art sites. They hope to ensure its preservation and continued study. The indigenous peoples of the Orinoco region are fundamental in this process.

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