The giant squid recorded on video

It’s not the Kraken, but it looks like it. The Architeuthis dux It is the largest known squid in the world. The feared animals can be up to 14 meters long. Giant squids are very elusive animals that always hide. However, there are always new tricks to learn. Thanks to this, the giant squid recorded on video was obtained. How did you do it?

The giant squid recorded on video.
The giant squid recorded on video.

These colossal cephalopods are rarely seen in the water. Most sightings of these giants occur when dead or dying octopuses land on the beaches. Sometimes they get caught in deep-sea trawls.

The first video from a A. dux In its natural habitat, it was recorded in 2002. A group of scientists eventually captured one of these animals in the waters south of Japan. The specimen was 630 meters deep. A few years later, in 2019, it was possible to film another one in the Gulf of Mexico.

The secret to filming this squid is in their huge eyes.

Giant squids often live in such deep waters with very little sunlight. To adapt to the darkness, the animal developed eyes the size of basketballs. In fact, they are the largest eyes in the animal kingdom.

Because of their size, the eyes of these cephalopods are extremely sensitive. They perceive the lights used in the scientists’ submersibles and underwater cameras. This shows the new research. That explains why giant squids are so difficult to find in their natural habitats.

Scenic panic

What happens when a research vessel reaches the areas where it lives? They are already gone due to the lights and vibrations emanating from the devices. In 2002 and 2019, scientists turned off the lights and engines on their submersible. The team also illuminated their camera with a faint red light. The bright white lights normally used on such expeditions were avoided.

The giant squid, recorded on video, has now been tried with artificial bait. They mimicked the movement and glow of a bioluminescent jellyfish. “This strategy combines devices with bioluminescent baits in poor lighting conditions. This is the most effective way to get the giant squid out of hiding, ”the researchers concluded.

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