The golden treasure found in Rome

The Roman Empire left clear and extensive traces throughout the Italian territory. It is not strange that every so often a new excavation brings surprises. This is what happened recently, thanks to which the news these days is the golden treasure found in Rome. Includes numerous gold jewelry.

Where was this found? It happened in central Italy. A necropolis from Roman times was discovered there, probably containing the remains of high society. There are, in total, almost 60 full tombs. And it contains numerous gold jewelry, fragments of leather shoes, pottery and many other precious goods.

The golden treasure found in Rome appeared in a necropolis.
The golden treasure found in Rome appeared in a necropolis.

place of passage

The cemetery was found before construction work on a solar energy project in the town of Tuscania. It is believed that it may be associated with a villa that looks like a hotel. This could serve as a transit point for important travelers, such as provincial authorities.

«There are jewels here, but there is also glass, ceramics, footwear and numerous coins. “They give us an image of people who enjoyed a certain well-being and could afford some small luxuries.” She declared it to the portal Live Science Emanuele Giannini. He is the main archaeologist at the site for the archaeological company Eos Arc.

Most of the tombs belonged to the so-called cappuccina style. It is a common type of burial. In this, the deceased were covered with stone or ceramic slabs placed in a triangular shape (in the shape of the letter A). However, simple tombs without said cover have also been found. There are also skeletons contained in large ceramic vessels and evidence of some cremations.

These earrings are part of the treasure found.
These earrings are part of the treasure found.


The golden treasure found in Rome was dated. The necropolis is known to date back to the heyday of the Roman Empire. It is from between the 2nd and 4th centuries AD. C. It is probably associated with a way station called Mansio. Archaeologists found the remains of 67 people and countless treasures buried with them.

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