The highest temperature measured in Europe

Yes, the heat hits the continent. And it is not known how far this wave will go. At the moment, Sicily seems to have the highest temperature in Europe. Correct: The Italian island would now experience temperatures of up to 48.8 ° C.

Regional authorities reported on this dataset. It was that Wednesday, August 11th, near Syracuse. However, it needs to be verified by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). According to WMO, the current official record in Europe is 48 ° C, reached in Athens, Greece. This record dates back to 1977.

The highest measured temperature in Europe is devastating.
The highest measured temperature in Europe is devastating.
Extreme heat

The recent heat wave in Italy is caused by the anticyclone Lucifer from Africa. Lucifer is expected to travel north through mainland Italy. And that will keep temperatures rising in cities like Rome, the country’s capital.

The Italian Ministry of Health has issued “red” warnings about extreme heat. They have been replicated in different regions. The number of the most vulnerable cities is set to increase from eight to 15 this Friday.

A heat wave in the Mediterranean is causing some countries to record the highest temperatures in decades. This has several consequences. Several forest fires are spreading in southern Italy. Sicily, Calabria and Puglia are the hardest hit regions.

Italian firefighters had more than 300 sorties in Sicily and Calabria in less than 12 hours. Su struggled through the night to control the flames that scorched thousands of acres.

The Italian press reported three fire-related deaths. Two of them in Calabria and one in Sicily. In Greece, the forest fires are continuing across the country. Strong winds and dry vegetation feed it.

The heat hits citizens across Europe.
The heat hits citizens across Europe.
Heat nightmare

Foreign teams also help with the fire-fighting there. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis called it a “summer nightmare”.

Climate change increases the risk of hot and dry weather. This in turn tends to lead to forest fires.

The world has warmed by around 1.2 ° C since the beginning of the industrial age. Temperatures will continue to rise. Sure, unless governments around the world make drastic emissions cuts. The highest temperature measured in Europe should act as an immediate alarm.

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