The hole on Mars that could serve as a refuge

An eternal pending for space research is to confirm whether Mars could be colonized. It will be a long time before we can even try. But any small breakthrough will always be news. Now, NASA has recovered an image showing a completely hollow mountain. a kind of "skylight" almost 30 meters deep. It shows part of a Martian underground cave. It is the hole on Mars that could serve as a refuge in the future.

An inside view

The formation is located on the western slopes of a volcano called Pavonis Mons. Its surrounding regions show some impressive geological features. There are long winding lava tubes, faults and a large volcanic crater. Specifically, the snapshot was taken by the Mars HiRise orbiter in 2011.

Today on Mars, photographed by NASA.
Today on Mars, photographed by NASA.

After the initial surprise, the scientists observed that there really was nothing inside. That is, it was a surface that opened to an inner tube through which sometimes lava flows can solidify on the surface. Meanwhile the still hot magma continues below. Then the cavity is drained, which makes up the underground "cave." Over time, the upper sections (the "roof" of the cave) collapse. They fall into the center in the shape of a cone and leave that "window" that we can observe today.

Analysis of this skylight revealed that the hole on Mars was about 35 meters wide and about 28 meters deep. At least until the first rubble, although the opening could be even deeper.

View of the Pavonis volcano with its large crater in the center.
View of the Pavonis volcano with its large crater in the center.
Possible shelter

These types of formations are interesting. Why? Because underground bases could be established to protect equipment from radiation. Or even future human incursions. In addition, they are a good place to look for signs of life on the red planet. “Holes like this are of particular interest because their inner caves are relatively protected from the hard surface of Mars. That makes them relatively good candidates to contain Martian life. Therefore, these wells are main objectives for possible future spacecraft, robots and even human interplanetary explorers, ”they say from NASA.

Maybe you don't have to wait so long to have a pool table to play with friends in a hole on Mars.

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