The Hope probe entered Mars orbit

Let’s go mars! These days are full of news about missions on the red planet. The one broadcast by the United Arab Emirates attracts special attention. It is the first interplanetary mission by an Arab nation. On this mission, the Hope probe entered Mars orbit a few hours ago.

The Hope probe reached Mars' orbit on the first Arab interplanetary mission.
The Hope probe reached Mars’ orbit on the first Arab interplanetary mission.
Neighboring missions

According to the Emirati space agency, got it at 15:57 UTC on 02/09. The journey lasted seven months and more than 493.5 million kilometers after taking off from Tanegashima, Japan. The probe maintains this orbit and calibrates and tests its scientific instruments. It will provide the first complete picture of the planet’s meteorology during a Martian year.

Hope makes the Emirates the fifth country to reach the Red Planet. It was after the United States, the Soviet Union, Europe, and India. After Hope’s arrival China’s Tianwen is expected on February 10th. And on the 18th of this month, the NASA Perseverance Rover will arrive. The coincidence is explained by the alignment of Mars and Earth, which makes traveling easier every two years.

Omran Sharaf is the Director of the UAE Mission. It says It’s a statement that “putting it into orbit of Mars was the most critical part. Hope was exposed to stress and pressure that she had never been exposed to before.

It has an 11 minute communication delay with Earth. And so the Hope probe worked with autonomous self-correcting systems to achieve insertion into the orbit of Mars. Autonomous management of exceptional circumstances to mitigate system errors.

The trip lasted more than seven months.
The trip lasted more than seven months.
Mars like never before

The probe will cover the elliptical orbit of Mars for two years. You create a new, global perspective on your behavior and connections.

The design of this mission will allow Hope to explore changes in the Martian climate. It will explore between the upper and lower atmosphere. The first picture of the atmospheric dynamics and climate of Mars can be made at any time of the day. Even in all seasons.

The Hope probe entered Mars orbit

The Hope probe reached Mars and showed us the planet like never before. The first data will be published in September and made available to scientists.

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