The huge iceberg broke away from Antarctica

It’s twice the size of Madrid, for example. It’s a huge iceberg. It has an area of ​​1,270 square kilometers. It is the huge iceberg that is separated from Antarctica.

The iceberg broke off the Brunt Ice Shelf. This is what experts from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have reported. They research and monitor the geography of Antarctica, and this phenomenon is particularly noticeable.

The huge iceberg detached from Antarctica created this huge rift.
The huge iceberg detached from Antarctica created this huge rift.
Platform nearby

This platform is the Antarctic home of the UK’s Halley Research Station. However, BAS scientists have been anticipating this major break for at least a decade. Thanks to this, the necessary measures were planned. The UK base is unlikely to be affected by the event.

“We moved Halley Research Station to the platform four years ago. This way we make sure it wasn’t taken away when an iceberg eventually formed. It was a wise decision, ”said Simon Garrod, BAS chief operating officer.

When did the ice floe form? It happened when a crack that had been videotaped by scientists 10 days earlier widened several hundred meters. This happened in a few hours on the morning of February 26th. The result was that a piece of the floating ice shelf came off. As detailed, it would be 150 meters thick.

This is the geographic location of the break.
This is the geographic location of the break.
Take precautionary measures

“Our job now is to closely monitor the situation. We will assess the potential impact of the current disruption on the remaining ice shelf. We are constantly reviewing our contingency plans to ensure the safety of our employees. And we will continue to supply the science that we do in Halley, ”said Garrod.

The huge iceberg detached from Antarctica is quite an event. Depending on its mobility, the change in temperature in the water can have various climatic effects.

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