The importance of indigenous forests for our planet

Indigenous forests are important to protect life in them. In addition, biodiversity depends on forest survival. After all, tropical forests also play an important role. They are the lungs of the planet, they are responsible for the gas exchange that enables life between carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Benefits of native forests

Forests currently occupy a third of the planet’s surface. The biodiversity of the earth also occupies 80% of these forests. Deforestation is also progressing, albeit more slowly.

Deforestation on the planet

The planet lost more than 16 million hectares of forest last year. The causes are indiscriminate cases and forest fires. For comparison, we can say that Andalusia fits twice on this surface.

The problem is global, although the most deforested areas are in South America and Southeast Asia. The deforestation of the planet is a major cause of climate change and all of its effects.

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Recent studies show that if indiscriminate cases continue, the problem will be more severe. In less than 100 years there will be no more forests in the world. The consequences would be very serious.

Statistics show that more than 120 million hectares of native forests have been cut down or burned down in the past 30 years. On the contrary, with the causes caused, the human hand and its intervention are perceived as excessive consequences.

cut down native forest

Despite the commitments of governments and businesses around the world, forests continue to disappear. The causes that cause this situation can be divided into natural and caused. Natural causes are severe storms and forest fires that destroy thousands of hectares.

The largest land clearings take place in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Agribusiness is the big culprit. Soybean and palm oil plantations as well as cattle breeding and the timber industry are the protagonists in this scenario.

Indigenous forests bring important benefits

Indigenous forests are ecosystems that benefit the environment and the population of cities and rural areas.

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natural forests

  • They promote biodiversity.
  • They protect the drinking water supply.
  • They help to reduce the carbon content with the release of oxygen. Because carbon is a major cause of global warming.
  • They optimize the soil with the contribution of organic substances and reduce its erosion.
  • They are home to countless species.
  • They offer protection against climatic factors

Indigenous forests are part of our wealth. Therefore, your care is our obligation and responsibility.

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