The interactive map that shows the most famous person in any location


An interactive map, developed by Mapbox, allows you to travel the world finding the birthplace of multiple celebritiesthe visitor can discover which famous name is related to his neighborhood or to a place of interest.

The map offers several categories: culture, science and discoveries, leadership or sports and games

Through segmented searches based on different areas such as culture, science and discoveries, leadership or sports and games, the navigator can traverse the planet approaching the various places where memorable personalities have been born.

To determine the information that appears on this interactive map, the authors have used information from Wikipedia and Wikidata and, based on rules from a recent article published by the journal Naturehave established a series of rules for calculating the notoriety of a character.

Wikipedia pages can be generated by anyone interested and registered as an editor of this online encyclopedia, so taking them as a basis assumes that there is an interest in the characters that has moved the community to provide relevant information about those characters.

These rules take into consideration parameters such as:

-Different editions existing in Wikipedia about the character in question.

-Length and total number of words of the total number of biographies available on Wikipedia and Wikidata.

-Average number of visits that Wikipedia and Wikidata pages received for each character in all available languages between 2015 and 2018.

-Total existing data (date of birth, influence…) in their Wikipedia profiles.

-Total number of external links used for reference.

To navigate the map simply move the cursor or scroll the screen with your fingers on mobile devices. The names of the most notable personalities appear in a larger size or in bold and as an area is enlarged other names appear, an action with which many will be surprised to discover which notable personalities were born near their neighborhood or to learn the origin of famous artists, leaders, scientists or historical figures.

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