The internet is very important and every May 17th is celebrated

Have you thought about what it would be like today if the internet didn't exist? Why Internet Day is Celebrated The Internet is a tool that we can use to access an infinite library of information. It is also a communication tool that reaches every part of the world via submarine cables that cross the oceans.

Internet Day and its meaning

It is also a powerful tool used in business, and we cannot forget its use in education. From the youngest children to the most advanced academic levels, use this tool.

On top of that, people also use it as entertainment with some of the different possibilities that the Internet offers. Today, people of all ages, including older adults, use the Internet. With their use, they find a way to have a good time developing an activity that is enjoyable.

young children also use the Internet

Internet Day is celebrated in many countries

On May 17th of each year, the Internet Day celebration is repeated. The aim is to emphasize the importance of using technology as communication and to obtain information. It was first held on October 25, 2005 and published by the Internet Users Association in combination with other groups. The United Nations was later proposed to postpone the celebration to May 17, which was already dedicated to telecommunications.

So it was decided that the "Internet Day" is celebrated every 17th May. It was also called the "World Telecommunications and Information Society Day". Many countries around the world are participating in this celebration, most of them speak Spanish.

Countries such as Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay or Chile are celebrating the date this year 2020 with various online events. This is a result of the corona virus and quarantine.

Data that underlines the importance of the internet for the world

In 2011, the UN declared access to the Internet to human rights. This is based on the utility it offers to each of us.

Internet is a human right

  • Find a cooking recipe
  • Buy or sell online
  • pay taxes
  • Watch a movie or listen to music
  • Pay salaries to company owners
  • Operation of a robotic arm in an industry

These are just a few of the options that are just a click away.

By 2019, only 53.6% of the world's population had internet access. This number certainly varies today. In industrialized countries such as the European continent, 87% access the Internet every day. African countries have the least access.

The current pandemic shows how important it is to have access to the Internet. The goal is that by 2030 the entire world population will have access to the Internet and all the benefits that come from using it.

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