The interstellar origin of water on earth

Believe it or not, there wasn’t always water on our planet. What is the origin of water? It is one of the secrets of our planet. There is talk of icy comets or meteorites that contain hydrated silicates. A meteor shower that brought hydrogen and oxygen. But there is another option: The interstellar origin of water would have to do with organic matter.

Organic matter in the fog could be the source of the earth
Organic matter in the fog could be the source of the earth’s water.
Mysterious origins

Interstellar organic matter could produce an abundant water supply by heating. This suggests that this organic substance could be the source of terrestrial water.

So far, much less attention has been paid to organic matter. Although there is an abundance within the snow line (the line from which ice can condense due to low temperatures). ” It says It is a statement Planetary scientist Akira Kouchi. It belongs to the University of Hokkaido.

The study is published by Scientific Reports. A group of scientists led by Akira Kouchi shows that heating interstellar organic substances at high temperatures can produce plenty of water and oil. This indicates that water can be produced within the snow line.

Incredible as it may seem, there was not always water on earth.
Incredible as it may seem, there was not always water on earth.

They used chemical reagents to create an analogue of organic matter in interstellar molecular clouds. UV radiation in a mixture containing H2O, CO and NH3.

Then they gradually heated the organic matter in a diamond anvil to 400 degrees Celsius. The sample was uniform up to 100 degrees. It separated into two phases at 200 degrees. At 350 degrees, the formation of water droplets became apparent and the size of the droplets increased with increasing temperature. At 400 degrees, black oil was produced in addition to the water droplets.

Water and oil at high temperatures

The group conducted similar experiments with large amounts of organic matter that also produced water and oil. The main component of the aqueous product was pure water. In addition, chemical analysis of the oil produced showed similar properties to typical crude oil.

“Interstellar organic matter within the snowline is a potential source of water on Earth. In addition, the abiotic oil formation observed indicates more extensive oil sources for the ancient Earth,” says Akira Kouchi.

The interstellar origin of water due to organic matter will have a new clue. “Samples of the Ryugu asteroid will be returned later this year. This could broaden our understanding of the origin of terrestrial water.

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