The island Eigg is in Scotland and its inhabitants are its owners

The Isle of Eigg can be an example for many other communities in the world. They sold it a few years ago, and its more than one hundred inhabitants are its owners. There, sustainable living is the priority. The inhabitants signed a contract among themselves for the creation of a system that connects the energies of wind, water and the sun.

Eigg Island

Eigg is self-sustaining

Individual houses have 5 kW and businesses have 10 kW available. ‘They have a system of red or green lights that tells them if there is energy available or not. In this way, neighbors can know if they should save energy or use it. Something that everyone respects for the community good.

Eigg is one of the Inner Hebrides islands of Scotland, also called the Little Isles. It is located 24 kilometers from the continent, so it depends on boats or ferries for its supply and transportation. This is the reason why waste does not exist on the island and everything sustainable is welcome.

A little history

The island, according to Maggie Fyffe, secretary of the island and who participated in the purchase process, belonged to a German artist who showed no interest in it. Finally, she put the island up for sale in 1996, and residents began raising funds. However, they were unable to raise a sum that would allow them to bid, although an anonymous donor appeared and contributed one million euros.

This is how the island had new owners, its own inhabitants, who bought it in 1997 for 1,750,000 euros. Eigg has beaches, steep plains and forests in its 5 kilometers wide by 8 kilometers long. A place that is not affected by industries or land holdings like other places in the UK.

There is no intensive agriculture or commercial fishing there, making it an appropriate place for outdoor living. With landscapes that invite camping and crystal clear waters with fine sand beaches like those of the Caribbean.

On the island they generate their own energy

The most interesting feature, which is highlighted on this site, is that as of 2008 the island of Eigg lives disconnected from the mainland electrical grid. It is the first community in the world that does not receive power from the electrical grid.

They generate their own energy from wind, sun and water. The three systems coexist in a single system that provides energy under any weather condition. However, the island still retains the old power generators for any problems that may arise, although currently, all energy comes from renewable sources.

Renewable energy

Additionally, heating comes from wood stoves. To supply this energy source, reforestation is being done through the creation of a sustainable nursery. As trees are cut down for firewood, new ones are planted for the future.

One of the signs that things are being done well is that the population of residents is constantly growing. Accommodation was created for people living in caravans and there is a proposal to build new houses for those who come to stay and live on the island.

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