The Japanese project to live on the Moon

The first prototype of this community would be ready in 2050. It is designed to reproduce Earth’s gravity and living conditions. What is the name of the Japanese project to live on the Moon? The Glass.

The Japanese project to live on the Moon, The Glass.
The Japanese project to live on the Moon, The Glass.

Connecting colonies

The race to conquer the moon and other planets is red hot. Many companies have already imagined what trips to these destinations will be like. They have even projected different types of luxury accommodations. The last one to show a proposal of housing for the Moon has been Kajima Construction. It is one of Japan’s leading companies responsible for numerous skyscrapers, railroads, power plants and dams.

Together with researchers at Kyoto University they have designed The Glass. It is an artificial space habitat and transportation system that will connect future human colonies on the Moon and Mars with Earth.

This proposal would neutralize the risks of low and zero gravity environments. What would this giant 400-meter conical structure do? It would rotate every 20 seconds to achieve normal gravity. In doing so, they hope to replicate the conditions for life on Earth. “There is no such plan in other countries’ space development plans. Humanity is now leaving behind the era of ‘staying’ in outer space. It is entering an era of ‘living’ on the moon and Mars,” the researchers explained.

The structure would have a space train.
The structure would have a space train.

Interplanetary transport

This structure would feature forests and coastlines. It would be filled with plants, trees and water to mimic Earth’s biodiversity. It includes a transportation system, dubbed the Hexagon Space Track. It is a kind of interplanetary space train capable of maintaining a gravity of 1G. It would do so to mitigate the effect of prolonged exposure to low gravity or zero gravity. Passengers would ride in 15-meter radius cabins in the shape of a hexagon. In addition to this, they have also proposed the creation of a train called the Space Express. It is a means of transportation the size of Japanese high-speed trains. It will have six cars and will be launched into space with each capsule connected by a central bar to hold them together.

Building this structure will prove to be far from simple. Bringing the entire project to life could take about 100 years. A first version of it could be available in 2050. The Japanese project to live on the Moon has a long way to go. However, it already fascinates those who look to space as the future of mankind.

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