The last hours of Hitler and Eva Braun before an announced end

The last days of April 1945 passed slowly in the Fuehrer’s bunker; it was the end of a war that had already been lost. A misaligned Hitler with food stains on his clothes, nervous and angry, talking about the shooting of traitors. Hours before the deaths of Hitler and Eva Braun and also of everyone who shared the bunker with him.

Hitler and Eva Braun
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His partner, who had never left him even though he had never introduced her publicly, wore her usual elegance with no signs of despair. Both knew that they were their last days together, the last that had also left the Third Reich.

The marriage of Hitler and Eva Braun surprised everyone

On April 28, 1945, the Führer decided to marry Eva Braun in front of a justice of the peace who was forced to enter the bunker. Two people witnessed the wedding, Joseph Goebbels and Martin Bormann. Eve was the only one who spoke to the justice of peace during the ceremony and was responsible for the entire process.

He even made a mistake with the signature, crossed out the first letter B of his last name and put in the new one, which granted him the marriage. It was the first and last time that he signed with his new surname Hitler. There was no music, but a champagne toast. It was a gift from Hitler because he knew it was Eva’s favorite drink.

Outside the bunker everything was destruction. One could hear the machine guns and cannons of the Soviets, which could be heard closer and closer. The end wouldn’t take much longer and everyone in the bunker knew very well.

Final preparations in the hours before

A few days before the wedding, Hitler had gone through the bunker offices and given everyone who accompanied him a cyanide pill. Gone were his glory days showing him off in front of his massive troops.

Adolf Hitler
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The marriage decision was made by Hitler that same morning, and Eva Braun was unaware of it. He also dictated his will to Traudl Junge, where he thanked Eva, among others, for accompanying him to his last refuge. He ends the will by saying that it is the will of him and his wife to choose death instead of surrendering or removing it. Although he does not name Eve in the entire document, but addresses her as “my wife”.

It was only after his death that German society learned of the secret relationship that the Führer had with a woman. Nobody knew anything about Eva Braun until after the suicide. Eva had many options to save her life by escaping, but she never wanted to leave Hitler. He ignored the advice before descending into the bunker, where he knew there would be no escape.

On April 30, 1945, after a short lunch, the Führer ordered his Alsatian dog Blondi to be given a cyanide pill. Hitler and Eva Broun then retired to their bedroom, where they both took the cyanide pill. Before he died, Hitler put his pistol to his right temple and fired.

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