The latest fad on social media … not that new

Surely you’ve seen dozens of pictures of People you follow on social media, especially on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, who posted a selfie on social media at the time of vaccination against COVID-19. It is no wonder that the emergency health situation experienced with the coronavirus pandemic means that everyone but deniers is informed about the development of the vaccination and that the moment of receiving the dose is treated as one of the most important in our lives in recent times times. And that’s why you want to share.

Many popular characters have taken photos of themselves when they were being vaccinated to cheer up the rest of the population

This desire to show others that you have already been vaccinated, as a moment when you begin to defeat this virus that has changed our lives so much and that inspires hope for a return to a certain normalcy, it is normal to wanting to show up on social media.

But it’s not something that only appears in them or that motivated the massive use of these platforms. When there wasn’t social media, it was also a moment to share. You may not know, but Elvis Presley himself snapped a picture in New York getting his polio vaccine off the set of a TV show “The Ed Sullivan Show” that went viral (or what was considered viral at the time). in 1956.

All of this has had a therapeutic purpose since then those who are reluctant to be vaccinated They see their admired leaders or characters do it, and then they too want to be vaccinated and lose their fears. Because of this, many politicians are showing their pictures being vaccinated, like Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, whose picture went viral this week, or Vladimir Putin, who also published the moment he received the Russian Sputnik vaccine. Even Boris Johnson showed the moment of his vaccination directly on TV.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actress Joan Collins, the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, and his Vice President Kamala Harris … also posted the moment of their vaccination on social networks … and of course hundreds of people workers who finally got the received the first or even the second dose.

After such tough, uncertain months, in which there were hardly any happy moments to share on social networks, uploading the vaccination picture for many people publishes the photo of hope, the triumph of science … No, I know about you, but many of us like to enjoy these pictures while we wait for our vaccination.

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