The lava of La Palma seen from space

This event attracts the eyes of the world. And also those outside the world. This time, the photo was taken from NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite. The lava of La Palma as seen from space. You can see the rivers of lava making their way through the west of the island.

The lava of La Palma as seen from space is a striking image.
The lava of La Palma seen from space is a striking image.
Revealing photo

It all started after Cumbre Vieja opened up and began erupting on September 19. A slow-moving wall of basaltic lava began to break through. It cut through large populated areas of La Palma. The lava flows have destroyed nearly 400 homes and buried dozens of kilometers of roads. They have also consumed farmland. The molten rock crawls unstoppable. It is flowing down the western flank of the volcanic island towards the ocean.

The Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8 captured the spectacular image on September 26. This photo reveals the hottest parts of the flow, nASA reports.

Many of the white rectangular patches near the coast are greenhouses. The dark green areas along the coast are crops. Probably banana fields. The volcanic plume flows northeastward without pause. It contains a mixture of ash, sulfur dioxide, and other volcanic gases.

The brightest parts are seen where the heat is greatest.
The brighter parts where the heat is greatest are appreciated.
Enlarging the island

A lull in activity on the morning of September 27 suggested that the eruption might be subsiding. It was a false alarm: explosive activity resumed later in the day. It is being monitored by the Institute of Volcanology of the Canary Islands (INVOLCAN). Experts say the current eruption could persist for weeks or months. Late on October 28, the river of lava reached the sea. Thus, it extended the emerged surface with a delta-shaped area.

The lava of La Palma seen from space is a striking image. Cumbre Vieja last erupted 50 years ago. The most recent eruption in the Canary Islands occurred in 2011, when an underwater vent on El Hierro came to life.

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