The lightning bolt that killed a soccer team

It really seemed inexplicable. It has even been ascribed to witchcraft. This was a soccer team called Bena Tshadi from the Republic of the Congo. You would stumble upon a true tragedy. This is the story of the lightning bolt that killed a soccer team.

The lightning bolt that killed a soccer team is a tragedy to remember.
Civil War and Football

The strange event happened in 1998. The African country was in a civil war. The news featured constant coverage of ethnic massacres and political chaos. The only thing that made the atmosphere different was football. Until this day.

A game was to be played in the Kasai region in October 1998. Bena Tshadi was a local and Basanga was a visitor. There are two teams from the first Congolese league.

The stands were packed. A storm came. The game was tied with one goal in the first half. Torrential rain fell. Then lightning struck the field. None of the home team survived, while the away team were uninjured.

The lightning also injured 30 people who were present at the game. “He killed 11 young players between the ages of 20 and 35 who were playing a soccer game. The Basanga athletes came out unscathed, ”wrote a local media company.

The great contrast of “luck” raised doubts. The visiting team was accused of witchcraft. The locals were deeply rooted in superstition and witchcraft. The allegations grew louder.

Only the players in the local team died in this tragedy.
Solved case

Many teams are said to have wizards on campus. A ban on witchcraft in football was called for, black magic was condemned.

Eventually, the country’s football association made an official statement. The players who died had aluminum stoppers on their handles. This facilitated the conductivity of the discharge in their bodies. Rivals who suffered no consequences wore plastic earplugs. The lightning bolt that killed a soccer team wasn’t caused by witchcraft.

Lightning struck for a few more years. Action was finally taken. They put active lightning conductors on the fields and avoided wires with metal plugs.

However, the memory of the tragedy remains.

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