The lightning that killed 16 people

It happened yesterday, Sunday. Nobody expected a tragedy. It happened while numerous people were taking Selfies in a palace complex. There in northern India lightning struck and killed 16 people. The incident occurred at night on top of a 12th century watchtower. This is the Amber Fort, a popular tourist attraction in Jaipur.

The lightning, which killed 16 people, struck a tourist attraction in India.
The lightning, which killed 16 people, struck a tourist attraction in India.
Rays in the region

At that time there were several visitors in the tower and in the wall of the fortress. There were about 27 people. Some are said to have jumped into space on impact.

The police told the media that most of the dead were young. On Sunday alone, there were nine other lightning deaths in the state of Rajasthan. Jaipur is located here. Local media reported on these incidents in the region.

At least 41 people, mostly women and children, died in various districts of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Seven others died in Madhya Pradesh. All of this happened in the north of the country because of the lightning. These phenomena kill around 2,000 people in India each year. These are the official dates, but could be more.

Lightning strikes kill animals and people.
Lightning strikes kill animals and people.
Monsoons and rain

The monsoon season in India brings heavy rains, usually from June to September. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) is analyzing the phenomena. He says deaths from these electrical sparks have doubled in the country since the 1960s, one reason he cited was the climate crisis. The lightning bolt that killed 16 people yesterday is another case among many.

The number of lightning strikes has increased by between 30 and 40% in recent years. In 2018, the southern state of Andhra Pradesh recorded 36,749 lightning strikes in just 13 hours. This type of incident is more common in areas with fewer trees. It often happens that people are more exposed to radiation.

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