The link between gray hair and stress

Yes, stress has consequences for your health … and your hair. Here we tell you why. It’s a Columbia University academic team that took an interest in this. They decided to investigate the link between gray hair and stress. And yes, stress plays a key role in graying. Even more: if it is deleted from everyday life, gray hair can be reversed.

The relationship between gray hair and stress, revealed.
The relationship between gray hair and stress, revealed.
White stress

14 people took part in the study. They wrote a stress journal describing the level of stress they experienced each week. The researchers compared the participants’ data with their hair color. Thus, they found that there was a strong and clear correlation. It works between stressful periods and graying hair.

“We had a 35-year-old man with auburn hair. Five strands of hair experienced a graying reversal during a two week vacation. Then it happened to a 30 year old woman with black hair. It had a strand that contained a white segment. And it corresponded to two months of marital separation and relocation. It was his most stressful time of the year, ”he says study.

A) Yes they discovered Relationship between gray hair and stress. And white hair caused by stress can naturally regain its pigmentation. It depends on gender, ethnicity, age and body regions.

Many presidents turn gray quickly in this stressful situation.
Many presidents turn gray quickly in this stressful situation.
Measure hair

The method used by the scientists allowed them to study the hair color in great detail. They took pictures of small areas of the hair. Each was a fraction of a millimeter wide. They represent roughly an hour of hair growth.

Maybe there is something to learn. Perhaps the hair that turns white first is the most vulnerable or the least resilient, ”mused Martin Picard. He is a psychobiologist and co-author of the study.

It was a mathematical model that the scientists used. It has been verified that the hair must reach a threshold before it turns gray. In middle age, hair is close to this threshold due to biological age and other factors. Stress pushes you over the threshold and you turn gray.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that all gray hair can return to its original color. This is only possible with those caused by stress, not age. However, any excuse is good for you to relax a little. Escape the stress, your life will be better … and if you have gray hair it can go away.

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