The Louvre Museum opens a virtual door for those who want to visit

The new restriction in France as a result of the new wave of Covid 19 prompted the Louvre Museum to present a new website. This allows you to recreate all of your collections in 3D and in virtual form and to access your entire work archive.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre is the museum that receives the most visits in the world and is a must-see for those visiting Paris. According to its President Jean-Luc Martínez, the website was not only designed for the general public. So that teachers, researchers and students from all over the world have access to the museum’s impressive catalog.

Visiting the Louvre Museum online is a very attractive offer

In this way, the various rooms can be entered virtually in a completely interactive way. The new website is available in English, Spanish, Chinese and French. The database contains 480,000 exhibited works.

According to the experts who work at the museum, this is a way to bring the immense amount of artwork to the public while the Louvre remains closed. In this way, the restriction adds to the culture as the most visited museum in the world is virtually accessible.

Which works can be seen online?

The website www:, as indicated on the homepage, is an escape from the Louvre, a virtual door to explore three quarters of its collections. The new site is accessible to the public worldwide free of charge. You only need an internet connection to go through them. According to the museum authorities, the remaining work will be completed until all collections are integrated into the website. Since a reopening is not expected in the short or medium term.

Artworks from the Louvre Museum

In 2019, the Paris-based museum received 9.6 million tourists, 72% more than in 2020. The closure due to the pandemic resulted in the museum only receiving 2.7 million in-person visits in 2020. This decline resulted in the Louvre losing almost 90 million euros in sales.

Different options for a more than interesting tour

The website offers several ways to navigate between the different collections through simpler or more advanced searches. You can also access the various departments and thematic albums. There is also an interactive map for those interested in learning about the geography of the Louvre in order to prepare for their next personal visit. Just a few days ago, two new tools were available to users around the world.

It is a platform that includes all the works exhibited in the museum and accesses With 482,000 virtual tickets, it is the first time in history that the Louvre Museum has its entire collection with free access from its website.

Every inhabitant of our planet can visit the Louvre Museum in the comfort of their living room. The tour can take as long as you like and at your preferred time. It can also be accessed from any device. Be it a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

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