The man who can’t read the numbers

Yes, it can happen to anyone. Sometimes we find it difficult to understand what we are reading. We have just received the message or the words in a second or third rating. Others are dizzy with numbers, especially when we hate math. But this man’s case is extreme, adding the worst of both. It’s about the man who can’t read the numbers.

It is the strange case of a 70-year-old man suffering from a rare degenerative disease. For this reason, he cannot recognize the numbers 2 to 9. His condition has gone viral in the past few days.

What we see on the left. Right what the patient sees.
What we see on the left. Right what the patient sees.
Normal view, undecipherable numbers

It was the specialists at American Johns Hopkins University who treated it. They provide new evidence of this patient’s case. They indicate that humans cannot distinguish this series of numbers. He sees it as “spaghetti”.

Otherwise, this man’s vision, identified with the initials RFS, is normal. You can identify everything else, such as letters and other symbols.

Therefore, your problems only occur with numbers. “When you look at a number, your brain needs to see what a number is before you can see it. It’s a real paradox,” said cognitive scientist Michael McCloskey. He is the lead author of the study that was published in the journal PNAS.

According to the researchers’ report, the rare degenerative brain disease is called corticobasal syndrome. It occurs as a result of significant damage to two specific regions of the brain: the cortex and the basal ganglia.

The only case

Therefore, the case is marked as unique. The researchers also found that the patient could not see anything near or above the digit. And for that they took the example of a 3 and above a violin. He couldn’t see the object up close. If it was far enough from the number, he could see it perfectly.

For researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland (USA), RFS shows that people without consciousness can have extensive brain processing. In other words, our brain can identify something like a face or a word without us realizing it.

It can be fascinating for researchers. But for the man who can’t read the numbers, it’s a big problem.

It is possible that something similar may happen in other people’s brains with neuronal pathologies. It may not even have been identified. If you see these last lines as winding dancers on the white screen, you’d better look for a doctor.

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