The message in the bottle that travelled 37 years

A real treasure buried on a beach. That’s what she found in Keaau (Hawaii), a 9-year-old girl. Among broken seashells and sand, Abbie Graham found a glass bottle. It was filthy and covered in mud. The girl was visiting the Hawaiian Paradise Park with his family. It happened last June. It was when he found the message in the bottle that traveled 37 years.

The message in the bottle that traveled 37 years finally reached its destination.
The message in the bottle that traveled 37 years at last reached its destination.
Message intact

Her parents initially thought it was just a piece of trash. But the girl insisted on cleaning and digging up the treasure. Inside the worn bottle, Abbie found some letters. Who had written them? A group of high school students in Japan. It was a long way from there, some 7,000 miles away, several decades ago. The notes were incredibly intact and well preserved.

The message in the bottle that traveled 37 years reaches its destination in a different world. When it was released, Ronald Reagan was President of the United States.

The letters are written in English, Spanish and Japanese. There they asked whoever finds them to respond. The answer should go to the science club at Choshi High School. That’s in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo.

The request was answered in early September. Abbie sent the letters to the school, along with a drawing of her and her sister eating sushi.

“The students were delighted to receive the letter.”. Jun Hayashi, vice-principal of Choshi High School, told VICE World News.

The letters are written in several languages.
The letters are written in several languages.

A former science club member was contacted by the school. Mayumi Kanda is now 54 years old. She said she was surprised to hear that the bottle was found.

“It brought back a lot of nostalgic memories of when I was a high school student. I’m very grateful to the girl who picked up the bottle. And to my old school for organizing this project.”Kanda said during a press conference.

The discovery brought two people together across time and space. And it completed an experiment on the movement of ocean currents. In the 1980s, 750 bottles were launched into the sea as part of his study.

So far, 51 have been found and returned. This is the only bottle found since 2002. They appeared before off the Washington coast in the US, Canada, and the Philippines.

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