The most beautiful libraries in the world

Although we increasingly perceive the advance of new technologies and Artificial Intelligence, paper books refuse to disappear. From the earliest times of humanity, books were the source of wisdom and history. Libraries are like great temples where human knowledge is kept. Some of the most beautiful libraries in the world are true cathedrals of knowledge, not only because of the treasures they hold, but because they are true works of art in themselves.

Most beautiful libraries
Vatican Library
The most beautiful libraries in the world are true works of art

The most beautiful libraries are historical monuments that beautify the world with their art. There are many more, but in this article we will include only some of the best known.

Vatican Library

Without a doubt, one of the most recognized is the Vatican library in Italy. It is one of the oldest and most exquisite in the world. Its importance lies, in addition to its beauty, in the documents and books it contains.

It stands out just by mentioning that among its treasures it has the oldest handwritten Bible. Established in 1745, the Vatican library contains 1,600,000 books, both ancient and modern. It also has 150 thousand manuscripts, 100 thousand printed documents, 300 thousand coins and 20 thousand art objects. In other words, it safeguards a priceless treasure.

Saint Gall Abbey Library

This building is located in Switzerland. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983. It contains 160 thousand volumes, including books, manuscripts and documents, many of them dating from the 8th century.

Many of these documents are already digitized, although others, unfortunately, can only be seen by visiting the abbey.

Mariano Moreno National Library

It is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It occupies the space of a historic place in Buenos Aires, the Unzué Palace. Of a brutalist style, it stands out for having various geometric shapes and exposed concrete.

It keeps 900 thousand books, between ancient and modern. It also has 55 thousand newspaper titles, 30 thousand photographs, sheet music, among other invaluable pieces.

Lello Bookstore

It is the most famous and oldest in Portugal. It is said that JK Rowling was inspired by her when she imagined the school where Harry Potter and his friends would study. Gothic-style architecture, with stained glass windows and beautifully carved wooden stairs, among other wonders. It contains many copies of classic books that are first editions and, of course, of incalculable value.


The Clementinum National Library is located in the Czech Republic. Also called “The Baroque Pearl of Prague” it is an architectural delight of that style. With frescoes painted by Jan Hiebl on the ceiling and its spiral columns of wood and gold, it is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Clementinum is also on the list of the most beautiful libraries in the world
Clementinum Library – By Bruno Delzant – Wikipedia

It dates back to 1722 and was part of a University, however, currently it is only the National Library. It contains more than 6 million books, among them true theological relics.

Stuttgart Library

In Germany we find the Stuttgart Municipal Library, with a more modern architecture. Its structure is recognized for its characteristic white color, in addition to its square concrete and glass panels.

In its nine-story structure, plus two underground floors, the minimalist approach prevails. It is, in addition to being a library, the cultural center of the city that bears the same name.

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