The most common mistakes in Google Analytics

Google Analytics, along with the Google Search Console, is one of the most useful tools for Manage and configure efforts an SEO strategy. In that sense, it is a very deep and somewhat complex tool, which is why it often reports errors when using it. These are the most common:

These are some common mistakes made in Google Analytics that can affect the reading of the data.

-Have more than one tracking label: A common mistake in Google Analytics is that there is more than one Analytics code. If the labels are duplicated, there can be tracking problems that prevent you from reading correct data. You can use the Google Tag Assistant Chrome extension to detect duplicate tags.

-Don’t filter your own traffic: When configuring a Google Analytics property, a filter must be created to remove all browsing data from the company’s IP. This is a common mistake that can result in poor reading of the data as this increase in visits may be from you or from the team working on the site.

-UTM tags: Certain external traffic sources, e.g. B. Advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and other external media must be configured with UTM tags so that Google Analytics can correctly localize all data traffic coming from these media.

-Ignore traffic sources: Traffic can come from many sources. social, referred, direct, or paid. It’s important to go into each report and analyze the different traffic sources to understand where visitors are coming from and from which pages.

-Http y https: If a website changes from HTTP to HTTP, the property must also be changed, otherwise incorrect data will be read from the outdated version of the website.

-Scrap y Spam: It is not wise to ignore the bot and spam traffic as this traffic is not real. This intoxicates reading the data and therefore can lead to bad decisions. In the same vein, a sudden spike in traffic can be caused by a scrap problem that indicates that a webpage has been duplicated (but without removing the Analytics tag) so that data may be received twice.

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