The most expensive vomit in the world

It sounds so gross … who likes to throw up? To no one. Stumble upon vomiting? Even worse. Unless, of course, it’s the most expensive vomit in the world: whale vomit. Siriporn Niamrin from Thailand couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She tripped over Walkot on a beach in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. It’s not for less as it could be worth around $ 265,000. Yes, a quarter of a million dollars.

The most expensive vomit in the world in the arms of the lucky owner.
The most expensive vomit in the world in the arms of the lucky owner.
The treasure

He found it walking down the coast. Upon closer inspection, he found that the substance smelled fishy. He took the dough with him when he thought his find might be worth some money. She was surprised to learn from her neighbors that it could be whale vomit known as ambergris. The 6.8 kilogram piece is 30 centimeters thick and 69 centimeters long.

It had to be checked whether it really was whale vomit. Siriporn and his neighbors put a flame into the dough, which melted some of it. After cooling, the substance solidified again. Now the woman is waiting for experts to arrive to confirm that it is authentic Ambergris. It’s a rare ingredient used in the million dollar perfume industry.

Used in perfumes

“If I really have Ambergris, I can help my community by finding a buyer. I’m glad I found such a great piece. I hope it brings me money, “said the woman, quoted by the British tabloid Daily Mail.

It doesn't look too bad.
It doesn’t look too bad.

Ambergris is a type of secretion found in the gastrointestinal tract of sperm whales. It is used to facilitate the passage of large or sharp objects. The whale vomits up the slime that solidifies and floats on the surface of the ocean.

This solid lump initially has an unpleasant odor. But over time, it develops a sweet and long-lasting fragrance. And that is exactly what makes it the most sought-after ingredient in the perfume industry. And in the most expensive vomit in the world.

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