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Maybe you’re looking for what are the best series of 2021, or those recommended for this Christmas, and do not know what to watch during these days. In addition to consulting some of the articles in which we recommend the best series of Netflix and other digital platforms like HBO and Amazon Prime, among others, you can take a look at the most commented on social networks.

Hootsuite has analyzed the conversation generated by the most watched series throughout the year

Knowing which series have accumulated the most mentions in recent months on social networks will surely allow you to know new titles that you may not have known, or simply find that series that will allow you to enjoy your couch, your TV and your blanket this Christmas.

Hootsuite, together with We Are Social, has analyzed what have been those series that have generated more conversation, based on the basis that Spanish Internet users spend an average of 3 hours and 22 minutes daily watching television, whether conventional or streaming.

According to the Hootsuite report, and according to Flixpatrol, the five most popular series on Netflix worldwide are “La Casa de Papel”, in second place “Lucifer”, in third place “Sex Education”, in fourth place “Clickbait” and in fifth place “The Squid Game”.

These five series have accumulated between January 1, 2021 and December 8 of this year, a total of 334,928 mentions in Spain in the period analyzed, with 52% being made by men and 48% by women.

The one that has registered the most mentions is “The squid game“It is worth noting that, although it wins in number, it does not win in quality, as it is the one that has generated more negative sentiment, 29%, compared to 13% that is positive. In addition, it is men who have talked about it the most, 57%, compared to 43% who are women. The hashtag #eljuegodelcalamar has generated 7,748 tweets on Twitter.

For its part, “The Paper House” has garnered 132,451 mentions, placing it in second place. Positive sentiment is 13%, while negative sentiment is 19%. Men are also the most interested in it, 52%.

Sex Education“is in third place, having achieved a total of 37,544 mentions in Spain in the period analysed. Curiously, women are the ones who have been more interested in it (58%). Moreover, it is the series that has generated more positive sentiment, 24% compared to 19% that is negative.

The Handmaid’s Tale“, with 18,654 mentions, 17% positive sentiment and 28% negative, ranks fourth. Meanwhile, “You“(2,085), is in fifth place in the ranking. It is the series that has generated more interest among women, 63%, while 37% of the mentions have been made by men. It also has a 13% of positive sentiment.

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