The most technological elements that you can find in an alarm system

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The percentage of crime in Spain has increased significantly in the last year, around 8.47% compared to the same period of the previous year (according to data coming to us from the Balance of Criminality of the Ministry of Interior).

Having an alarm is more important than ever. But not just any alarm is enough, it must be a current one, which integrates the latest in the latest technology so that both our homes and ours are always safe. In the catalog of Movistar Prosegur alarms we can find many possibilities.

As criminals perfect their skills to perpetrate their robberies, alarms are becoming more modern and sophisticated. They now integrate certain elements that are considered state-of-the-art in terms of technology.

Throughout this article we are going to analyze these parts and how they have modified the alarm.

what are the most technological elements that can be found in today’s alarms?

1. Motion sensor

It is true that motion sensors cannot be considered as a technology of this moment (they have been on the market for years). However, these sensors have been perfected, being more sensitive to the movement that occurs in homes, in premises, officesor anywhere else.

These sensors will be connected to a system that allows the owner of the site to be alerted that someone has entered the site. For example, we can receive a notification via cell phone.

These are advanced devices that have been programmed to warn of nearby movement.

And not only do they warn us, but it can also activate all kinds of functions: it could activate the recording of cameras, issue an acoustic or audible alarm, or send certain alerts.

2. Panoramic viewers

The security cameras of a few years ago had several shortcomings, but one of the most important is that their field of view was limited Even if we were to invest in a motion camera, there were always blind spots that criminals could use to access to any environment without their presence being detected.

With technological changes, cameras appear that are presented with panoramic viewfinders.

Their main characteristic is that they provide us with a complete picture of the environment, covering a visual field of up to 360ºthus avoiding those dreaded blind spots.

The cameras are designed following a dome shape, thus ensuring that no intruder can go unnoticed in any space.

3. Presence simulators

The most advanced surveillance cameras are equipped with presence simulators. We are talking about a type of application, which will be managed remotely, and which has the function of imitating certain behaviors that we do in our homes.

This technology is very practical because it reduces the possibility of theft.

It is especially important for those times when we are going to be away from our home for a certain amount of time: it could be on vacation or if we spend a lot of time away for work reasons.

These simulators can perform the following functions:

  • Turn television or music on and off.
  • Turn lights off or on, they can even program different environments.
  • All these functions can be programmed remotely, through an app that will be installed on our mobile device. You will only need an Internet connection to access it.

These are just some of the functions that presence simulators control, but they can control virtually any device (provided it is ready for it).

4. GSM technology

Alarms that have a GSM module can send alerts to the owner’s cell phone so that he/she is aware of any eventuality that may occur in his/her home.

They can connect to both the home WiFI, as well as the telephone network. This is possible because have support for wireless network and slots to place a SIM card phone SIM card.

Let’s imagine the case that criminals cut off the electricity in the home to prevent the alarm from working. The WiFi will be immediately disconnected, but the same will not happen with the mobile network.

In addition, they usually have a small battery to operate which makes them independent of the power line.

5. Opening detectors

Also known as shocksensorare systems with triple detection that are highly sensitive to openings, vibrations and shocks.

They work by creating an electromagnetic field and will launch a warning if it is cut off in any way.

6. Deterrents

They do not fall under technology as such, but they are very important. Experts recommend that we should not only have anti-intrusion alarms, but also that show potential thieves that the property is properly protected.

Therefore, deterrents, such as alarm signs, are usually included in most alarm systems.

These are the most technological elements that are part of today’s alarm systems.

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