The most used Internet browsers in the world [2023]

The use of Internet browsers has experienced a significant change in recent years. Internet users cannot stop using them to access most of the open web pages that exist, but usage trends have changed.

Gone are the years when Internet Explorer was the most used web browser, in the first decade of this century. Now other names have more market share, and the browser owned by Microsoft no longer exists.

Taking into account the statistics provided by G Statscounter, this is a review of the most used Internet browsers in the world. The data is updated as of November 2023:

Most used browsers worldwide

This ranking takes into account both browsing through desktop computers and that carried out on mobile devices:

1. Google Chrome (62.85% market share). The web browser developed by Google is the undisputed king of the so-called “browser wars.” It has more than half of the global market share, although it has dropped two percentage points compared to just a year ago. Still, no one overshadows him.

2. Safari (20.04%). Very far from the first position is Safari, which has just over 20% market share. The browser developed by Apple is used almost by default on Mac computers and iPhone mobile phones, as well as on iPad tablets.

3. Microsoft Edge (5.5%). The successor to Internet Explorer remains with a 5.5% market share worldwide, very far from the figures that the Microsoft product managed just a decade ago.

4. Firefox (3.23%). The browser developed by Mozilla has also experienced a significant decline and is practically caught up by its pursuer.

5. Opera (3.17%). The Opera browser has established itself in fifth position globally and in a clear upward trend, it could usurp Firefox’s fourth place at any time.

6. Samsung Internet (2.66%). The browser of Samsung devices is placed in sixth position. Behind it are UC Browser and 360 Safe Browser.

Browsers most used on mobile devices

For its part, this is the market share of browsers globally taking into account only traffic from mobile devices:

1. Google Chrome (64.62%)

2. Safari (25.19%)

3. Samsung Internet (4.58%)

4. Opera (2.1%)

5. UC Browser (1.45%)

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