The most visited web pages in Spain [2023]

Like every end of the year, the time comes to make all kinds of summaries and evaluations to determine the progress of the year that is about to end. In this context, the consulting firm GfK DAM, the official measurer of digital consumption in Spain, has presented its Wrapped Digital 2023 report – which imitates Spotify’s summary in name – and which details which have been the most visited web pages during the year by Spanish society. These are its main conclusions:

The most viewed web pages in 2023 in Spain

According to Gfk DAM, these are the most visited sites in Spain, both from the web and from mobile phones, in the year that is about to end:

1. Google. The search engine is at the top of the platforms most used by Spanish Internet users, with more than 38 and a half million unique monthly users in Spain and a growth of 2.8% compared to last year.

2. YouTube. The video portal, also owned by Google, is in second position, with almost 36 million unique users per month in the country. Year-on-year growth is 0.6%.

3. WhatsApp. The instant messaging app is used by 34 and a half million Spanish Internet users every month. Year-on-year growth is 1.9%.

4. Facebook. There are 33 million people who use Facebook each month, however it is the first platform in the ranking to register a year-on-year decrease in usage (-0.4%).

5. Instagram. It registers 30.7 million monthly users, with an increase of 1.5% in the last year.

6. Amazon. It has an average of 30.6 million users per month. The annual increase is 0.4%.

7.Microsoft. The Microsoft website is used by almost 27 million people every month and its use has grown by 3.1% in the last year.

8. Aliexpress. 21.7 million people browse and buy each month in this e-commerce app, which has registered an increase of 0.6% in terms of use in the last year.

9.X. The social network formerly known as Twitter is used by 21 million people a month in Spain. Of course, its use has fallen by -7% in the last year.

10. TikTok. For its part, the Chinese social network TikTok registers 20.8 million monthly users and the largest year-on-year increase. Its use has grown up to 21.1% more in the last year.

Most used social networks in Spain in 2023

Many of the platforms that are part of the top 10 most viewed web pages in Spain in 2023 are social networks, as we have seen previously.

Two of Meta’s social applications are the most used in the country: Facebook, with more than 33 million unique users and Instagram, with almost 31 million. X and TikTok, both with almost 21 million, also sneak into the top 10, where LinkedIn does not enter, with just over 11 million users.

Of course, taking into account the age of the users, Facebook is the most mature social network (its users are on average between 45 and 64 years old), while LinkedIn is the social network chosen by millennials and TikTok is the favorite of millennials. members of Generation Z.

Most used travel platforms

In the travel category, is in first position, with more than 11 and a half million unique monthly users.

In second place is Tripadvisor, which has 6.7 million Internet users per month, followed by Renfe with more than 5 million unique visitors; Airbnb, with more than 3 million; and Skyscanner, with almost 2 and a half million.

Financial and banking websites

CaixaBank leads the ranking of the most used financial apps and websites in our country, with more than 11 million unique monthly users.

They are followed by BBVA, with almost 10 and a half million; Banco Santander, with more than 7 million users; ING, with more than 6 million; and Sabadell, with almost 4 million users per month.

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