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With an unmanageable number of web pages, Internet does not stop growing in terms of contents and places where to find them. But curiously there are a few places online that are repeated as the most common, those that are the most visited by Internet users.

Among the most visited web sites on the Net are Chinese portals that concentrate practically all the necessary tools for the “online life”.

When the year ends, it is time to compile this type of information and check that, although time goes by, there are not so many variations in terms of the websites that receive the most visits. Searches, social networks and information concentrate the greatest interest.

In the following list, the presence of the following websites is striking four websites from Chinawith minimal use from abroad, but which, due to their high number of visitors, even if they come from a single country, manage to be in the ranking of the ten most visited websites on the Net.

1st- Google: Specifically is the most visited website on the Internet, without taking into account the local versions in which the domain ending is that of the corresponding country (in the case of Spain it would be In addition to the ubiquitous search engine, it is the gateway to various online services such as email or cloud storage space. For many computers, tablets and smartphones it is the browser’s homepage.

2nd- YouTube: The video portal par excellence, belonging to Alphabet (Google’s parent company) allows you to learn, be entertained, have fun and share videos with family, friends and the entire planet.

3rd- Facebook: The largest social network on the planet with almost 3 billion users. Although younger people prefer other digital meeting places (TikTok, Instagram) it is still the third most visited website in the world.

4th- Baidu: The great reference in China, it brings together search engine functions, email, social network, online video platform, music streaming, video games. It is almost an “Internet” in itself and allows hundreds of millions of users in China to do almost all of their online life on it.

5th- Wikipedia: The largest online compendium of knowledge and data with over 45 million entries in 280 different languages, constantly updated by its thousands of volunteer editors.

6th- Yahoo: At the time it was the reference site on the Net thanks to its successful search engine and its e-mail service. Reinforced especially by its information service on current affairs, sports and economy, it continues to be a reference portal for hundreds of millions of users.

7th- Very successful portal in China that offers tools such as a search engine, voice chat, video games….

8th- Taobao: Chinese online shopping portal has hundreds of thousands of products of all kinds, from clothing to electronic devices to handicrafts.

9th- Tmall: Formerly part of Taobao but has been spun off to focus on B2C (business 2 consumer) so that it is an online marketplace that connects companies and stores with end consumers. It is managed by Alibaba.

10th- Amazon: The world’s largest online retail and logistics company ranks tenth among the world’s most visited websites. It offers products from brands and stores as well as a few sold by Amazon itself, ranging from technology products to food, kitchen accessories, office supplies and clothing.

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