The mummy with the golden tongue

Gold always fascinates us. The mummies too. How about putting both elements together? It is possible? Yes, thanks to the mummy with the golden tongue found west of Alexandria. It was found by an Egyptian Dominican archaeological mission. It was broadcast from the University of Santo Domingo and directed by Kathleen Martínez, a specialist who works in the Taposiris Magna Temple. They discovered 16 Greco-Roman graves. This is reported by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

The mummy with the golden tongue was a big surprise.
The mummy with the golden tongue was a big surprise.
Speak in gold

The mummies found were in poor condition. However, what has more international implications is that a golden tongue has been found in one of them. Why was it placed there? As a ritual element to ensure that they can speak in front of the court of Osiris in the afterlife. It would be nice to be able to speak against the dead during the trial.

One of the mummies contained gold pearls from Osiris. Another, a crown with horns and a cobra on its forehead. A gold necklace in the shape of a falcon was also discovered on the chest of the last mummy. This is the symbol of the god Horus.

Masks and other items were also recovered
Masks and other items were also recovered
Multiple discoveries

The general manager of the Department of Antiques in Alexandria is Khaled Abo El Hamd. He stated that this season, this research team made important discoveries in addition to the mummy with the golden tongue. They also found a grave mask for a woman. A little earlier, eight marble masks from the Greek and Roman times.

“In the past ten years, the mission has found an important group of archaeological remains. And these changed the perception of the temple of Taposiris Magna. Several coins with the name and image of Queen Cleopatra VII were even found in the walls of the temple, ”the statement said.

How many other golden tongues are there, buried?

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