The mystery of the city of Caral

The mystery of the city of Caral has captivated archaeologists and layman alike for many years. Located in the Supe Valley in Peru, the site is believed to be the oldest known city in the Americas, yet its true purpose and origins remain a secret.

In the north of Peru are the vestiges of an ancient civilization. It is the oldest of the continent. Its ruins raise a halo of mystery: the mystery of the city of Caral.

There is the idea that the cradle of the old civilizations is in Mesopotamia, more than three millennia ago. But in America the foundations of a slightly older people were already being laid. To the north of Peru there was a sacred city 2 thousand years before. It had dozens of temples and housing complexes. Today only ruins of the sacred city of Caral remain.

The mystery of the city of Caral is still alive.
The mystery of the city of Caral is still in force.

High complexity

The oldest vestiges are 5 millennia old. It is one of the “original centers of culture in the world”. In the last 30 years many buildings in the form of pyramids were unearthed. Possibly, the first ones that were built in the Andes. This was the center of life in the sacred city.

The pyramids were the symbol of the economic and military power of Caral. The most important festivals were held there throughout the year. Each one was aligned to the calendar cycle. This emulated the cycles of nature.

In total, 6 pyramidal structures have been recorded. “It testifies to the degree of development and complexity reached by the Caral civilization,” said the described by UNESCO. Precise technology was needed to build them.

The complexity of its architecture is recognized by UNESCO.
The complexity of its architecture is recognized by UNESCO.

Agricultural development

The discovery of the pyramids at Caral made it possible to discard a previous hypothesis. Historians and archaeologists studied the development of agriculture in those times. They thought that only a few tubers had developed in the Andes region. This misconception changed after the Caral – Supe Special Archaeological Project (PEACS). In 1994, it unveiled the grandeur of the sacred city – the oldest on the continent.

The mystery of the city of Caral amazes tourists who visit it. It was not until 2009 that it was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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