The Nazi celebration in Argentina 80 years ago

A puzzling event. It was held at Luna Park on April 10, 1938. It was the Nazi celebration in Argentina, held at Luna Park. Crowd, celebrated the annexation of Austria to Nazi Germany by Adolf Hitler. A look back in time shows us something that seems implausible.

The Nazi celebration at Luna Park was an unprecedented event at Luna Park.
The Nazi celebration at Luna Park was an unprecedented event at Luna Park.

The priors of the Great War

Hitler He had called for a referendum in April. He wanted the people to revalidate what had actually happened. The annexation of Austria to what he called «The great Germany«. For that, Austrians and Germans who were anywhere in the world had to Show your adhesion. This happened in several countries. In Argentina near 25 thousand people voted symbolically. The April 10th the corollary of the events of those days took place. LNazi celebration of the National Unity Day in Luna Park.

The tension in the streets was evident. Luna Park was surrounded by members of the various security forces. Dozens of delegations arrived at the stadium. There were some marches that were opposed. The Luna Park attendants repeated the greeting «Heil Hitler»With arms raised. They cheered the Reich. Many were uniformed with Nazi dress.

He was the governor of Buenos Aires, Manuel Fresco, always pointed out by its Nazi ties. They rang German patriotic marches. In the background was a huge cloth that said in gothic letters ‘Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Führer’«. They were selling postcards, badges Y Nazi flags how souvenirs

The event had a massive participation.
The event had a massive participation.
The protests

The incidents and marches caused Two dead and some injured. While in the Luna Park they sang chants and praises to Hitler, the Plaza San Martín began to fill up with people.

Centenares of protesters sang the Argentinian national anthem. They wanted to reach the surroundings of Luna Park. A rumor had begun to circulate. He said that a group of Nazis had lit an Argentine flag on fire. The victims in the riots were a 50-year-old man and a Spaniard who was crushed by a horse.

Protesters threw stones at institutions and businesses linked to the German community of Buenos Aires. Security forces repressed protesters. There was dozens injured by stones, tear gas and attacks of horses of the mounted police. They destroyed themselves stained glass, cars Y local in downtown Buenos Aires.

Hours after the biggest Nazi act that is recorded outside of Germany, The day was over. The Nazi celebration in Argentina, seen from our time, seems really inconceivable. But it happened.

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