The new Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra look like this

Apple Watch Series 9

Apple has presented, along with the new iPhone 15 family, the new generation of its smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 9, which has been accompanied by the evolution of its variant more oriented to extreme athletes and adventurers, the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Part of the tasks entrusted to the intelligent assistant Siri are managed from the Apple Watch itself.

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What the new Apple Watch looks like

The two models presented feature, as a novelty, the new S9 processor. It is 60% more powerful than the previous generation, equipped with neural engine and battery capable of providing autonomy throughout the day. A new feature is that part of the tasks entrusted to Siri are managed from the device itself, thus avoiding possible problems due to weak coverage when using the intelligent assistant.

With no changes to their design, the screens of both devices are brighter, with 2,000 nits for the Series 9 and 3,000 nits for the Ultra 2.. The wireless location system for finding the iPhone has also been improved, now indicating the distance and direction in which the smartphone is located.

Gesture control on the new Apple Watches.

As for gesture control, the ability to activate or deactivate functions by a gesture made with the fingers of the hand where the Apple Watch is worn is added. All you need to do is snapping twice in a pincer-like gesture with your fingers of that hand so that the accelerometers detect the movement and respond. This allows you to answer a call or pause an alert.

In its effort to be environmentally friendly Apple has committed to be a carbon neutral company by 2030, which as far as the Apple Watch is concerned is based on the use of recycled materials for the casing, battery and bands of the watch, plus 100% of the industrial chain related to the Apple Watch uses emission-free energy.

All of these factors have made Apple’s smartwatch its first completely carbon-free product. This has led to the fact that as of now leather straps will no longer be used with the Apple Watch due to the carbon emissions produced by this material.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple Watch Ultra: autonomous and ultra-adventurous.

Aimed at a niche of more demanding users and who carry out more intense sports activities or practice adventure sports, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is capable of operating up to 500 meters below sea level (for caving enthusiasts) and up to 9,000 meters altitude (for climbing and flying enthusiasts), as well as being able to dive up to 40 meters deep in the sea.

As for its autonomy, it reaches from 36 in normal operating mode up to 72 hours (in low power mode) on a single charge.

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