The new “guest mode” of the Google Assistant does not collect any information

When you use the Google Assistant and ask your smart device to play a specific track on Spotify, tell you the weather forecast or search for a term on the internet, this information is saved in your Google account. You can always delete it by asking the wizard itself, “Hey Google, delete everything I told you this week.”

Guest mode is now active for all Google Smart speakers who use the English language

Google points out that this information is stored in order to find out more about the settings of the individual users and thus to offer them more relevant content or, for example, to answer questions such as “Play me my favorite song”. If other people have access to the smart device, the information stored may have nothing to do with the user’s taste.

For example, imagine you’re having a party in your house and one of your guests is asking the Google Nest smart speaker in your living room to play a heavy metal song if you don’t like heavy metal. So that no information that has nothing to do with you is stored in your account, Google has started “guest mode”.

It is new “guest mode” This feature allows you to better control the privacy of your users on your smart speakers and devices with a display. Just saying, “Hey Google, turn on guest mode” will no longer save any interactions made with the Google Assistant to the user’s Google account.

You can still use the Google Assistant to ask questions, control other smart devices, play music. However, you won’t see your personal results, your contacts, or your calendar until you turn guest mode back on. To do this, just say “Hey Google, turn off guest mode.”

If you have any questions about whether someone has turned off guest mode, you can also ask the Google Assistant, “Hey Google, is guest mode turned on?”

Of course, guest mode currently only works on devices in English. Google has announced that it will also launch functions for other languages ​​in the coming months.

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